TPS S2+6090

Digital Die Cutter

The main reasons for choosing the S2+6090:

The TPS S2+ series digital auto-feed flatbed cutter stands out as the undisputed leader in the automatic plotters market, thanks to its set of interchangeable tools specifically designed for professional processes. This versatile machine is not only suitable for prototyping but also ideal for small-scale production. With the ability to handle laminated prints up to 10mm using oscillating cutting, the sheets are managed completely automatically, giving the operator an unprecedented level of freedom in their work.

Key Applications:

  • Labels and stickers
  • Custom boxes
  • Pocket folders
  • Door hangers
  • Foam board signage
  • Greeting card
Smart B3 Matic laminators

Maximum length [A]: 325 cm

Maximum width [B]: 131 cm

Maximum height [C]: 124.5 cm

Weight: 460 kg


  • Easy job file preparation and set up
  • Automated registration and changeovers
  • Integrates with workflow to apply registration marks and QR code
  • Quadruple tooling head and tpscuttingstudio software

Technical details

Universal module


Work area




Work platform

Aviation aluminium platform and conveyor carpet

Max cutting thickness



Applied to paper, card board, sticker, reflective material, corrugated board, PVC sheet, fom board, etc…

Cutting tools

EOT, UCT, Creasing wheel, Kisscut tool

Beam height


Material fixation method

Vacuum adsorption

QR code function


Interface connectivity

PCIE slot

Positioning method

CCD camera, red light

Cutting accuracy


Air pressure

0.7 mpa

Drive system

Servo motor, linear guide and timing belt

Number of motor


Working environment

Temp: 0ºC – 40ºC; Humidity: 20% – 80%RH

Equipment power

3.2Kw (220V/50Hz)

Vacuum pump power


*According to film, external conditions, paper type, thickness, and formats.
TAULER reserves the right to modify the characteristics of this product without prior notice. The image shown and the information reflected in this web & brochure does not establish contractual information. TAULER AND PRINTLAM ARE REGISTRED TRADEMARKS OF TAULER LAMINATING TECH, SL

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