Come and visit us at the Expo-Portugal Print fair.

24/05/23 | Events

TAULER Laminating Tech will participate in the Expo-Portugal Print fair by exhibiting its SMT 4.0 DRY automatic laminator on his Printhouse dealer stand.

The SMT4.0 model will be showcased alongside its distributor, Printhouse.

Main features of the SMT4.0:

  • Lamination with glossy, matte, silk, and other polypropylene options.
  • Maximum format of 54×79 cm and a minimum of 25×25 cm.
  • Working speed of 25 m/min.
  • Equipped with a quick-change reel shaft.
  • Optional: Automatic stacking table that allows the machine to work autonomously.
  • For more features, please visit this link: SMT4.0

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