Tauler Foil, the revolution in lamination with finishes

17/07/23 | Digital

In the world of printing and postpress, the search for new finishes and visual effects has become a priority for many companies. These finishes and effects offer the opportunity to enhance and differentiate prints, providing additional value and capturing the attention of the public.

Tauler Laminating Tech has taken this trend a step further with its innovative Tauler Foil technology, a system that allows the application of metallic colours, holographic effects and varnish effects, among others, on surfaces previously printed with toner. This technology is revolutionising the industry by opening up new finishing possibilities for our prints.

The Tauler Foil technology developed by Tauler Laminating Tech is a significant breakthrough in the field of special effects lamination. This system allows printers and post printing companies to explore new design options and provide their customers with unique and eye-catching results, so that they can differentiate their products from those of other printers or companies.

One of the main advantages of the new system is its versatility. It allows the application of metallic coloured finishes, which gives an elegant and sophisticated look to the prints. In addition, it offers holographic effects that create a play of light and colour depending on the viewing angle, capturing the viewer’s attention. It is also possible to apply a varnish effect that enhances the texture and gloss of selected areas, giving a tactile, three-dimensional appearance to the prints.

Tauler Foil technology is particularly suitable for printouts using toner, allowing printers to make the most of their existing equipment without the need to invest in new printers or special inks, if they have a digital toner printer rather than an offset printer that uses ink instead of toner..

This technology represents a new trend in the world of lamination. Tauler Laminating Tech is undoubtedly making its mark in the industry, opening up new creative possibilities and offering innovative solutions to meet the demands of the postpress market.

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