PrintLamB1S H

The fastest and most user-friendly automatic B1 laminating machine

Main reasons to choose a TAULER PrintLamB1S-H:

  • Because it has the best feeder head in the world (HEIDELBERG).
  • Because it incorporates the TAULER_OIL system that improves lamination and reduces energy consumption.
  • Because it incorporates a quick coil adjustment feature while the machine is running.
  • Because it incorporates the TAULER_SHAFT SYSTEM that facilitates the quick change of film.
  • For its intuitive touch screen.
  • Because it incorporates a REVERSE MODE to correct possible errors.
  • Because it incorporates TAULER_GO ON, an automatic starting system.
PrintlambB1S-H laminators

Technical details:

  • HEIDELBERG SM74 servo driven feeder head.
  • Adjustable side bracket.
  • Temperature control by sensor.
    Pneumatic pressure roller.
  • Easily adjustable decurling system.
  • Photocell that stops the machine in case of sheet failure.
  • Total control of the machine through a PLC.
  • Electronically adjustable speed.
  • Microperforation cutting system and scissor roller.
  • Pallet stacker delivery.
  • Optional: fixed or stacking delivery table.
PrintlambB1S-H laminators
Maximum length [A]: 400 cm

Maximum width [B]: 125 cm

Maximum height [C]: 170 cm

Working height [D]: 90 cm

Weight: 1,250 kg

Technical details

Maximum format 750×1050 mm
Minimum format 220×250 mm
Maximum mechanical speed 2 – 35 m/min*
Paper thickness 130 to 450 g/m2
input/Output stack height 730 mm
Film thickness 20 to 42 μm
Electrical power installed 11 kW
Power supply 400 V three-phase 50 Hz
Security CE-compliant protections, emergency stops, and safety sensors.
*According to film, external conditions, paper type, thickness, and formats.
TAULER reserves the right to modify the characteristics of this product without prior notice. The image shown and the information reflected in this web & brochure does not establish contractual information. TAULER AND PRINTLAM ARE A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TAULER LAMINATING TECH, SL

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